14 October 2014

October 17th

My baby is now scheduled. And it's only three days away.

10 September 2014

Quotable Quotes

"Me not a person. Me a boy!" -- Munchkin #2

"Me want cookie! Me want cookie!" -- Cookie Monster and Munchkin #2

"I didn't hit her. I pounded her all over!" -- Munchkin #1, at age 3?

"Only God can make a sphincter." -- A colorectal surgeon

22 July 2014

Updates! I got your updates here!

If the 1-5 of you are curious, things are happening. Sort of big things. Not huge things like we discovered an ancient civilization, but things.

Like thing #1, which should maybe be labeled #3, is that another child/parasite is growing inside me. Yup, we have a little girl coming in October. I'm about six months along, and other than the pretty dang debilitating pneumonia I had for a couple weeks in early April, everything has gone very well. I think we are ready for our family to grow one more, though I will not be surprised if I have a short and intense crying fest to mourn the loss of our current family unit on the way to the hospital. Just because I really like those kids. The new one is nameless, which is fine, but I feel like we start this naming thing later every time. We might just have to go with the nurse's name in the hospital or something. Poor kid, we do very much want you. I think you might just complete us.

Thing #2 is I guess what the heck I do with my copious spare time (aka 9-11 pm). I had been basically googling for a living, but I eventually got canned for not thinking enough like all the other googlers. It's an okay gig if you can get it and stick to it. Not incredible pay, but somewhat steady if you are just trying to make up a small income deficit. I worked with a company called Leapforce. Anyhow I have now started something completely new that may or may not pay anything. I am attempting to write things. Like articles. For the internet. I just wrote an article about gardening tonight, because you see

Thing #3 is we have a garden in our back yard. It has required a lot from us up front, but less recently. The yield has been lackluster so far, but still there is something magical about washing your own dirt off your own lettuce. We have two very pretty sunflowers blooming right now and some tomatoes ripening, so that's something. But anyway I figured I'd try to recoup some of our investment by writing an article. I'm not even near to approaching trying to be an expert on the subject, but I have learned a lot and figured I may as well spew all of that out in written form, which ended up being a 20-point annotated checklist.

A kid update probably deserves its own post, but how about just one adorable picture?

10 April 2014

how to play dead monsters

Run around shouting "AAAAAAAAAA" and then fall down. Repeat.

Another fun game to play is turn on some music and run around your mom in circles while chasing your sibling.

12 March 2014


It's been a while.


Watch the neck, sister

Okay, that's better

07 August 2013

Portrait of the Songwriter as a (VERY) Young Woman

It appears that the hubs and I have indeed produced a little songstress. How do we know? She constantly sings made-up songs throughout the day. She has even "written" a few that she repeats. One of my favorites is when she goes to grab her tiny guitar that we got in Mexico a few years ago and she strums open strings and sings "When I was in the meadow, I heard a strange sound . . ." then she usually gives a few different animal sounds. I can't remember if I already wrote on here about another favorite that I am only allowed to sing on Fridays. The chorus goes "I love you! in a very sweet vo-o-o-oice." And the verse contains my favorite line of hers ever "I want you to go away like a rocketship." Lately most of her songs start "When I was a little girl" or "When I was young." Homegirl has a real sense of history at three-and-a-half years.

Today she told me she wants me to help her write all her songs down. Then she wants to buy lots of little guitars. Then she wants to give copies of her songs and the guitars to "all the little kids" so they can learn "how to make songs." She is the greatest.

04 August 2013


We went camping on Friday and much of it was awful. Mostly the getting there and getting started. I wanted us to get there earlier than the husband so we had time to chill and it was a less stressful experience. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. So yeah I asked the universe for what followed. What I thought would be a 1 1/2 hr drive was a 3 1/2 hr drive. Just me and one crying toddler and one demanding three-year-old. Then I had to set up the tent and the fire by myself whilst keeping the children from jumping in the VERY nearby lake. And then cook dinner by myself whilst the toddler mostly cried some more. BUT, but, but . . . after the husband got there and we started to eat dinner and I decided to finally give in to the little toddler's cries and go swimming with him already (even though it was past his bedtime at this point), things got better.

I sank into the brown lake and washed all the disgusting sweat off me with the almost-as-disgusting silty, gasoliney (boats) water. Oh, it felt good. I swam around with the kiddos and all their giggling in the dusk. Spinning in the near-dark and me and the littlest taking turns zerberting each other. And finally, finally there was some calm.

And that is why we go camping with the lunatics we call our children.

I was too exhausted to take pics most of the trip, but here's some semi-recent pictures since I've had too many pictureless posts lately.

Our kids are frequently wet and dirty.


And to show that we all exist, here is the whole family in St. George, UT: